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Those who know the story of Tailypo have already imagined what happened to that old man and his dogs -- isolated in a small cabin, back a distant holler; alone in nature. . .hunted in somewhere Appalachia. . .



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The producers made every effort to create a historically accurate world during the time frame when the Tailypo story was actively being passed down through the oral story-telling traditions of Appalachian peoples.

“Writer/producer Benjamin M. Jones and Director/producer David Temmesfeld bring interesting, period-accurate visuals together for a robust presentation of the Tailypo story.”

The bonus feature of the DVD will be of interest to many life-long fans of the Tailypo story, as well as to serious folk lore enthusiasts and students of folk lore or history.  An educational lecture by Dr. Edgar Slotkin, Professor of Folklore for the University of Cincinnati English Department delves into the probable origins of the Tailypo story.  You’ll be surprised how it began!

Learn about the compelling nature at the core of the Tailypo origination story and how human cannibalism might be at the root.  In “Teh-Li Po: An Appalachian Legend”, a realistic picture emerges of how the old folktale might have played out in early 1900’s rural Appalachia.

If you’re new to the Tailypo story, this is a great place to start exploring Appalachian literature and oral tradition.  If you grew up with the story -- it has finally been brought to life on film!


You’ll see interesting scenery shot in several areas of Appalachia, including Zaleski National Forest in Southern Ohio where certain versions of this popular American tale type surely developed.

If you are a fan of the Tailypo story, or if you’re interested in preserving Appalachian history and folklore, “Teh-Li Po: An Appalachian Legend” is sure to entertain, inform, and expand your enjoyment and understanding of the Tailypo story.  Take a trip into secluded Appalachian life!


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to the OIFF, 2013.

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Art by Michael Wandelmaier.

If you’re not interested in this film version of Teh-Li Po, here are some references which might help you research the Tailypo story in earnest and perhaps learn more about Appalachian history in the process.  Thanks for visiting!:

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